Hero Appreciation

Hero Appreciation

As a special thank you to those who serve or have served in the military, as well as those who are on guard as Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS in our community. Suffolk County Harley-Davidson is now offering a special Appreciation Program for those who qualify.

Suffolk County H-D's Heroes Appreciation Program is for active and retired members of an eligible First Responders Association, active/retired and veteran members of an eligible military branch. This program is now available for enrollment.

*** Registrants must provide the following: ***

 » Active-duty members of the U.S. military, including the National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard and Reservists as well as veterans and retirees from any of the foregoing service branches » Valid ID: U.S. Military ID, DD214 form, NGB22 or National Guard discharge papers to confirm eligibility.

 » Law enforcement officers (including federal, county, city, capitol, state, village and other local officers, sheriff’s department, FBI, secret service and motor patrol) with state-sanctioned, official “arresting power” » Valid ID: Current department identification with badge number and rank or a letter from the department chief noting past service to the department.
 » Firefighters (including full-time, part-time, paid on-call, and volunteers) » Valid ID: Current department identification or a letter from department chief noting past service to the department.
 » Certified EMS/EMT (including state-licensed emergency medical responders, first responders, emergency medical technicians, ambulance technicians, paramedics, etc.) » Valid ID: An original copy of current EMS state-issued license or a letter from department chief noting past service to the department.

 » NOT ELIGIBLE: The following are specifically excluded from participation in the program: Dispatchers and EMDs, secretaries, office staff, prosecutors, administrators, and customer service representatives.